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A Sort-Cut to Learning

As a teacher and advisor for many years, the writer is convinced that most young people earnestly and sincerely want to learn, but they simply do not know how to go about it, or uh) they are expected to learn the things they have to.

The idea of "pushbutton control" has spilled over into some areas where it does not apply. What is wanted is an easy way to pass examinations. What is hoped for is some simple "short-cut" to learning.

According to studydaddy science is bringing us short-cuts to learning, and, in fact, some of the methods of improvement given in this book have come directly from efforts to speed up the process of self-education. Up to now, however, the process still involves the expenditure of large amounts of time. This book is written to reduce that time to the minimum. In that sense, it is a short-cut. It eliminates the painful trial-and-error method, so costly in time and self-confidence. But it would be incorrect to say that this book presents merely an easy way to pass examinations. What it presents is an efficient approach to studying and taking exams, and the logic or rationale behind self-education.

Who Will Profit from This Book?

All who must attend classes, read books and face up to a final test in a given subject are vitally concerned with the best methods of progress in the time allowed. According to find test answers experts since there is a definite common denominator for the art of studying and taking exams, all those involved in studying for exams will find much that is helpful in this book.

Every high school and college student must absorb large amounts of in­formation and face various sorts of examinations to show how much he has absorbed. Technical school students. Civil Service applicants, and workers in industry, even including potential executives, and many others are subject to examinations of one sort or another. Teachers who thought they had taken their last examination when they left college are often obliged to take additional courses to be advanced in rank and salary. Since according to computer science help service high school and college students form the largest number of people interested, there is much more here for their attention. Because education does not begin or end with exams, a lot of the con­tents of this book builds up a comprehension of what it's all about, so the student will be able to see many of the whys and wherefores behind the recommended methods of studying. By some, this may be regarded as a philosophy of education.

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